Over at Lateral Action (a new-to-me blog I’ve now subscribed to), Mark McGuinness posted this video of choreographer Twyla Tharp talking about motivation and failure in creative pursuits.

I’m most taken with what she says about doing what you love and having the money follow. However counterintuitive it might seem, this is one of the most profound things I’ve experienced in my own career. CrochetMe.com was a labour of love that never made a dime of profit, but it presented me with outstanding professional opportunities. Even on a smaller scale, when I write from my passion, far more people respond than when I force myself to sit down and write about things I think people are interested in.

When I keep in mind the core principles that animate me—and I use the term quite literally: when I’m excited, I wave my arms about—everything else, including the money, comes more easily. When I force it, I get nowhere.

What do you think? Does anything she says resonate with you?

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