The book blogosphere is abuzz with encouragements to buy books this holiday season. Books are often my go-to gift item, and are usually at the top of my wish list.

Of course, though you wouldn’t know it from reading this blog in the last year, I’m also a book author, and I thought I’d jump on the book-pushing bandwagon by shamelessly plugging my own books. I think it’s a pretty good time for all you authors out there to shamelessly plug your own books, too. There are tons of great independent book lists out there; we might as well be super-duper subjective about our own work. Plus, people might like to hear from us about our work. So if you’re an author, go write about why your book(s) make a great gift, and leave a comment here so I can compile a list of posts to add to the list of lists book buyers are using to choose gifts this season.

Here are my books and why I think they’ll be beloved gifts. If you have questions about any of them, I’ll be happy to chat with you; just drop me a line.

Giving Books for the HolidaysTeach Yourself Visually Crocheting
Generously-sized photos illustrate how to crochet, from the basic stitches through seaming techniques and everything between. (They’re my co-author Cecily‘s hands in the photos.) This book would be a great gift for a beginner crocheter who likes to see exactly what s/he’s supposed to do (but do discourage perfectionism, ‘kthanks), and for crocheters with any amount of experience who like to keep an image-focused reference volume close by. I refer to this book all the time (we wrote it in a crazyinsane five months; that intense deadline left me short a few brain cells, no doubt).

Giving Books for the HolidaysCrochet Visual Quick Tips
A smaller, companion volume to Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting, this book is the perfect size to toss into a project bag so you can keep it handy when you’re away from your bookshelf. Perfect for crocheters who are just starting out, who like to keep instructions for common techniques close by, or who are comforted by always having a reference-tome security blanket with them.

Giving Books for the HolidaysCrochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution
Crochet Me is for crocheters who know their craft and a) love trying new things, b) love nifty handmade fashion, c) love reading about crochet designers and what makes them tick, d) love, or e) all of the above. This is the only book I’ve written that involved more plain-old writing than technical writing, and I loved every minute of writing it. All the designers featured in it have been involved in the grassroots crochet-design site, and I’ve gotten to know all of them personally in one way or another over the nearly five years that site has been around. There’s a ton of heart in this book (not to be confused with a heart that weighs a ton), and a good dose of creative inspiration.

Giving Books for the HolidaysGiving Books for the HolidaysGet Hooked and Get Hooked Again
Have I mentioned I was a summer-camp counselor till I was twenty-five? Oh. my. gods. how much fun I had writing these two books for teen crocheters. They’re intended for beginners and have great tutorials for the basic stitches and all of the techniques required by the patterns in the books. (They’re my hands in the photos in these books.) I’ve heard from more than a few adults who have enjoyed these books themselves, but I’m sure they didn’t get much out of the sidebar about starting a crochet club at school. Regardless, the projects in these books are fun, and for the most part they’re quick. Got a crafty teenager in your life? Grab a fun ball of yarn, a crochet hook, and one or both of these books and you’ve got the perfect gift that will keep giving. Literally. If you’re lucky you’ll get a handmade hat or scarf or bejeweled slippers or something as a gift soon. For a couple of free patterns, check out

Giving Books for the HolidaysFinally, might I suggest a subscription to Interweave Crochet?

Do patronize your local independent bookseller, eh? If you don’t have one, the links here go to (full disclosure: they’re affiliate links).

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