Clearly, weekly roundups need not happen on the same day each time. Nor weekly. Whatever.

This week’s roundup has a loose theme. You tell me what it is.

  • Oh, giddy:

    Teaser from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

  • On Sunday, I attended my very first large-scale geek event. I was sort of expecting to feel like I do at a yarn event—like I was with my people. I didn’t really feel that way. Apparently, I’m a bit of a loner geek. But it was awesome to see Serenity on the big screen. Also, there were a lot of Jayne hats in the audience. That rocked.
  • We cycled to the screening. Thanks to the man, I now have a turquoise milk crate on the back of my bike (it’s not really a milk crate but a remnant of some ill-conceived decorating plan I hatched when I was still living with my parents, I think). So now I ride a yellow mountain bike with road slicks and a turquoise milk crate with one end of a bungee cord permanently attached to it for holding stuff in. And I totally freaking love it. I ride it to the bank and to my PO box. For example, today I brought home yarn samples and colour cards in my basket.
  • I’m reading After Dark, by Haruki Murakami, for book club. It’s lovely and surreal.
  • I did the second geekiest thing yesterday. Actually, it might be the first geekiest. You judge. I wore my spanking-new Roslin ’08 t-shirt to run some errands (at least one person became confused about my politics, and I had to explain). But that’s not the half of it. Last night, I wore it over to the man’s parents’ place to watch… wait for it… Battlestar Galactica. (We don’t get the cable station that plays it, so my in-laws record it on their DVR and we go there to watch it. We’re four episodes from the season break. Don’t spoil it!). I’m seriously torn between feeling mortified and feeling, like, way too cool for school.
  • Speaking of webcomics (which I was, even if you didn’t notice). Seriously into Hijinks Ensue of late. Go there and read for a while (start here [not so much work-safe], if you’re so inclined). And in the less lighthearted, more post-apocalypse vein of fiction I love so much, FreakAngels is brilliant.
  • I’m still enamoured of the Twitter. Yesterday I tweeted about needing some help with work music, and Ravelry came to the rescue almost immediately. I now have Adele (thanks to Mary-Heather) and Sia (thanks to Jess) on my iPod, and am slowly falling in love with each. I’m listening to Adele now. Ok, I totally love it.
  • Sixteen days till the iPhone comes to Canada (read: into my grubby hands).
  • Today is my little brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Day! May only good things come from this coming year, kiddo.
  • We had our fall photo shoot last week, and I’m waiting for some weird news to come of it. Two things happened that give me pause: First, the weather cooperated. It was chilly and rainy the first day, and sunny but not too hot the second. Given that it snowed during our summer shoot, I barely knew what to do with myself. Second, we ran on time, to the quarter-hour, the entire time. The models were gorgeous and friendly (one of them was once a stand-in on BSG, *snort*), and we all had fun behind the camera. And now, back to working on the rest of the issue.
  • My birthday present to myself must be stuck in customs. :(
  • I’m not ready to believe we might lose a wee tomato plant. Not to the coldcoldrainy June we’ve had. Or the weeds. It might have been the morning glory (which I don’t consider to be a normal weed, I’m sure you agree), and I actually think morning glory isn’t really of this earth. I think it’s the insidious spawn of an unfriendly otherworldly beast that arrived millenniums* ago and promptly departed, but left its spawn here to slowly kill our food. It’s not global warming, dear readers. It’s insidious alien spawn in the form of morning glory. Tell your kids’ science teachers.

* My Firefox spellchecker thinks millennia is not a word. Merriam-Webster says either plural is acceptable. I’ll let Firefox win this time, since it does such nice things for me every day.

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