There are tiny yellow birds in my neighbour’s Japanese maple. Pretty.

It’s fifteen days since my last (the first, really) weekly roundup, but at least I didn’t ditch the idea altogether. Such terrific fun ensued from the last one, I’ll have to stick with it for a while.

My grandmother-in-law is in the hospital again, and that really, really sucks for her. She’s 90 and with-it and funny and her body is slowly betraying her, month after month. She’s in physical pain that makes her so unhappy it’s hard to even try to convince her it will all be okay. So we spend time with her; it’s all we can do.

We saw Iron Man last night; it’s as awesome as you’ve heard (and was sponsored in part by Burger King! And Verizon! But I’m over it). Go see it. And sit through all the credits at the end. Also saw Atonement this week. It’s brilliant. Possibly the best film adaptation of a book I’ve ever seen. And I loved the book, so was extra critical of the movie.

The magazine is going to press this coming week, so I’m off to Colorado tomorrow. I’m looking forward to tying up all the loose ends and sending this baby out into the world. And unlike for the Spring issue, when I got food poisoning on my way to Colorado and was barely coherent during the days leading up to press and that’s why my editorial is so short and vacuous, for the Summer issue I’ve already written my editorial. Lesson = learned.

I have not knitted or crocheted or spun for fun in weeks. I’ll be packing my Model Citizen scarf and a sleeve from the Gathered Pullover tomorrow. It’s good to have easy stitching on hand during the stress of press. I’ll also pack The Satanic Verses, which is the next book for our book club. I haven’t started it yet because I’ve been on a sci-fi kick and I’m not ready to move on. But it’s time to dive into some heavier literature. If even only for the sake of not flaking out on the club. For book-clubbing is good.

The best distraction from hours and hours of editing PDFs this week was certainly all the talk of big glasses. Note, though, that I’m not into posting embarrassing photos of my adolescent self just for kicks. I really do think big glasses are a trend that should never come back. They looked terrible then, and they look terrible now. I’m surprised by how many people mentioned wanting to burn old photos of themselves wearing big glasses. I always thought photos are only burned over bad breakups. And so, you see, we have to not burn those photos! We have to show those photos to as many people as we can, so contemporary and future generations won’t look back on childhood pictures and want to burn them. We can make people happier! Do it. Post a photo of yourself in big glasses.

I’m going to start packing now.

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No big glasses photos here. I have 20/20. Dang. How about a really bad perm? That’s screams the 80’s just as much (to me anyways).


No big glasses photos here. I have 20/20. Dang. How about a really bad perm? That’s screams the 80’s just as much (to me anyways).

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