Speaking of very very special things I want desperately, there’s one other thing on the list. I want this desk. And I want it for my home office, even though I don’t have a home office. I have an office in our detached garage (read: our detached garage is my office), and I do work from home.

But I’ve been working from home for about five years now, and I gotta say, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It can be quite lonely, even though I sure do love not having to go to meetings or being distracted by random conversations. But also, the man doesn’t have an office job, either. He’s a student, and that means he’s home a lot, too. His office is in the basement. (His office used to be my office, but we switched.) And so I only ever have work time to myself when I’m working in the garage or when he’s at school (where he also has a desk). But I need a lot of change, and so I’m often compelled to work from inside the house, and that’s where it all starts to slide rapidly downhill.

First, I don’t like to work when there’s another person around, unless I’m in a proper office. So I sort of get in a perpetual state of annoyed. Second, I don’t have anywhere to keep my work stuff in the house. Which means things like yarn colour-card binders pile up in inconvenient places, balls of yarn can be found in every corner (beyond the yarn I have around for non-work projects), and papers pile on any and all surfaces. This drives the man nuts, understandably.

And so I’ve decided what I’d really like to have is a home office, in addition to my garage office. I mean, tons of people who work out of the home have a home office, too. And in my home office, I’d like that beautiful, beautiful desk.

The end.

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