My PowerBook spent a day in the shop this week, and there’s only one thing that would have made it more bearable. An iPhone. Never have I wanted an object as much as I want an iPhone. I’ve actually dreamt of owning one. An iPhone would have had my calendar right there, waiting. It would have enabled me to continue checking my work email without using the awful Outlook webmail interface. I figure an iPhone will be for me like the book Penny* always carried around, that made her even smarter than she already was.

Now, you just shut it, you iPhone-toting Americans. I’m not denying myself an iPhone in some twisted effort to technologically martyr myself. I’m coveting an iPhone in Canada, where you can’t get one, and I’m too timid to buy one in the US and hack it here.

But, see. It looks like Rogers might actually start selling it soon. And I’m having a confused reaction to the news. On the one hand, yippee! On the other hand, will it end up costing over 20% more for voice + data plans than it does in the US? What will data cost when I’m south of the border? Will I still be able to afford Smarties and maple syrup?

Mobile phone services in Canada leave a lot to be desired. I hope Apple forces Rogers to make their iPhone plans palatable to people like me who have waited (im)patiently for a year, and will happily become new Rogers customers just for the iPhone.

* Undying pop-culture love to the first commenter to call out this reference.

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