If you follow the Crochet Me blog, you know I’ve recently (read: over several months) watched all of Buffy. And although I loved the show for the story and the characters, I consider it possibly the best show ever made because of Joss Whedon. What kept me coming back for season after season (obsessively at times) was, superficially, the good story. But more deeply it was my unfailing fascination with this man, his vision, and his execution of it over seven years, on two different networks. He didn’t stray. Not once. In seven years. As a creator, it’s one of the most inspiring things I’ve come across: To commit to saying something, and then saying it. Thoughtfully, powerfully, artistically, and over enough time that it has a chance to stick.

I’ve never been a fan. Of anything. I’ve never followed bands or googled my favourite authors. I’ve never defined myself in terms of genres, music, or art that I like. I really hate constraints. I like lots of traditionally nerdy things like sci-fi, and lots of trendy things, like kitten heels.

And so I don’t take it lightly that I’m a fan of Joss Whedon. It’s really a new experience for me, to feel like a fan. To want to know everything there is to know about the work of this person whom I respect so completely. (I’m relieved to find I’m not the kind of fan who wants to know all about his private life. That would be creepy.) I think every schoolchild should be exposed to his work. I wish every person – woman and man – would become a little more like Joss. Or would at least be wise enough to pay attention to what he has to say.

A blog friend sent me a link to a recent essay Joss wrote. It’s a must-read.

Also, the following video is worth far more than the eight minutes you’ll spend watching it.

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