Mighty Creative Podcast: Episode 101 ‚Äď Prerequisite Procrastination

Mighty Creative Podcast episode image reading: Episode 101: Prerequisite Procrastination

Welcome to the new podcast!

This episode is about the very thing that kept me from making the podcast for nearly three years. Prerequisite procrastination. What a pain.

I put my finger on what to call this particular subspecies of procrastination during a video conversation with members of our online community (we do things like talk about the specific ways we procrastinate; you should get in on this).

Listen for what this wee beast is, and what we can do to defeat it so we start making things we really want to make (like, as I said, this podcast).

Show Notes

  • Each episode this season begins with a short clip of a maker or artist talking about a recent project they were obsessed with. I recorded all of these in April of 2019 at Camp Thundercraft, a retreat for creative businesspeople held each spring and hosted by the folks behind Urban Craft Uprising. I'm very excited to be going back to teach two classes at the 2020 retreat coming up.
  • Kicking things off is a clip of ceramicist Sean Forest Roberts of Forest Ceramic Co. talking about some incredibly intricate mugs he makes out of dozens of layers of colour. You have to see it to really get it. Since I met him and learned of his work, I have been desperately coveting a Galaxy mug ūüėć.
  • Here are some of my favourite things to do when I'm stuck in a procrastination rut:
    • Set a timer. I can do anything for 20 minutes, and often all I need to get out of my head and into making something is decide to just do it for a few minutes. Doing it a little bit is far better than not doing it at all.
    • Along similar lines, this tired cliche: Done is better than perfect. It is so tired. And it is so true.
      • (You will notice that the sound quality of the Camp Thundercraft clips this season are not the best. I considered the task of cleaning up the audio one of the prerequisites that kept me from making this podcast for ten months. I have cleaned them up, believe it or not, but really, I just needed to stop worrying about it and just make the episodes.)
    • Consider whether I really want to do the thing I'm putting off. There's a section in Make It Mighty Ugly where I write about gut feelings. Sometimes we need to do something that makes us uncomfortable, because we grow from it. Sometimes, though, we feel uncomfortable because it's a terrible idea. We do ourselves a great service when we get to know the difference.
    • Throwing my first try under the bus. Sometimes, I procrastinate because I'm so excited about the idea of making something that I become terrified that the thing I make will be awful. So I make my first attempt an effort at making it terrible ‚Äď doing it too fast, or not reading the instructions closely, or using crap materials, or whatever. This way I can't be disappointed, and I will at least be making something. After this first terrible attempt, there's nowhere to go but up.

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Mighty Creative: The Podcast Is Back

Mighty Creative: The Podcast Is Back

The podcast is back, with a new name! It's still about what motivates us to make things, how to make space in our lives for creative adventures, and how to have more fun with it all. But the format will be simpler than it was a few years ago and the episodes will be pretty short. Listen for more details!

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Compulsory Podcast Episode 202: Betsy Greer


Betsy Greer is a writer and maker who lives in Durham, North Carolina. For the past fourteen years, she’s written about craftivism, the place where craft and activism intersect, and she loves discovering the ways in which people use (and have used) the two together. Currently, her main craft project is You Are So Very Beautiful, in which people make affirmation signs then leave them out all over the world for others to find.

We talk in this episode about the value of letting what we need out into the world, and about being in a flow state when we create. If our conversation got you thinking, let us know how in the comments!

Show Notes and Links

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Check out this short video about You Are So Very Beautiful:

"You never are alone. It's important to remember that." ‚Äď Author and craftivist Betsy Greer on Compulsory Podcast. http://www.kimwerker.com/topics/podcast

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Compulsory Podcast Episode 201: Cheryl Arkison

In this first episode of Compulsory in two years (two years!), we return to our roots with an honest conversation with quilter Cheryl Arkison about the power of habit in creative life, and about embracing the mess of, well, pretty much everything.

Show Notes and Links

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Quilter Cheryl Arkison on Compulsory Podcast. Listen at http://www.kimwerker.com/topics/podcast-2

A Resurrection

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Compulsory Podcast Special Burrito Bulletin: Lauren Venell

I just returned from Craftcation Conference (more about that in another post), where I recorded three interviews for future episodes of Compulsory. One of those was with Lauren Venell, who's an artist and a designer of plush, among other things. She told me a story that made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to die (you can hear my near-death wheezing in the recording, obviously). The story was about the time a few years ago when she was commissioned to design a human-size plush burrito costume.

So then I got home from Craftcation last night, and this morning I see that, in an amazing turn of internet magic, the¬†very same giant burrito is¬†going viral. Like, Boing Boing¬†viral. Like, I texted Greg about it after he went to work and he told me that yes, he'd seen the burrito… viral. That's why this episode is out before the second season of Compulsory is even fully scheduled.

So. More about Lauren and the things we discussed:

Lauren Venell is an artist and designer specializing in editorial props and product development. Her work has been published in titles by Chronicle Books, Klutz/Scholastic, Uppercase, Monsa Books and Quarry Books, among others, and featured in several media outlets including The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Everyday with Rachel Ray and on Canal+ Television. She has launched several of her own successful toy lines including her current line, the Deep Creeps, which can be found in stores across the globe.

In addition to her creative work, Lauren speaks at events about small business financial topics. She has aired two bookkeeping classes through Creative Live and contributes in-depth small business articles to several creative blogs, including design*sponge and Craftzine. From 2009-2011, she co-founded and programmed the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs. Lauren lives in San Francisco with her husband, her daughter and an ornery parrotlet named Elvis.

Because of the huge amount of attention the burrito is sending her way, Lauren tells me that the contact form on her website isn't working. If you need to reach her during this particular time of burrito virulence, she kindly requests that you do so via social media (see below).

Relevant Links:

My conversation with Lauren was recorded by Mike Boyle of MB Studio Services at Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA.

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