Mighty Creative Podcast Episode 112: Music & Crafts

I mentioned a couple of podcast episodes ago that in the aftermath of the ukulele-is-the-patriarchy incident, my husband and I decided in a moment of madness that we’d like to start a klezmer band in our living room, yeah?

Well this week I had my first fiddle lesson. And it was amazing. (The lesson was amazing; the sounds I am producing on the violin are not amazing.)

This whole musical adventure has me thinking about craft, and how my desire to play folk music rather than classical is completely in line with my fascination with craft – these are techniques and skills passed on from person to person over generations.

Sadly (ha!) I do not include a recording of my horrible scales in this episode. But have a listen, and let me know if you see any connections between your music and your handcrafts.

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Ee! I teach fiddle for a living and this is the literal first post I read after clicking on the link from the digital version of your book. Apparently I am in exactly the right place! Congrats on taking on this bold new project; I look forward to following you while I keep taking on more of my own.

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