Industriousness: WIP Wednesday

I did a lot of knitting and crocheting last weekend, what with the poor-man’s retreat and all the quiet in my house.

Rae is turning out to be a delightfully mindless knit, especially since I finally figured out how to tell if I’m about to start an increase row (there’s one every fourth row of garter stitch and the thought of moving a marker every four rows gives me hives). Here’s how to spot the kfb on the wrong side of the fabric if you, too, want Rae to be as simple as possible: It looks kinda like a V. If there’s a plain-old garter ridge above one of those Vs, the next row is an increase row.

How to spot the kfb increase on the wrong side of the Rae scarf

I've circled the increase. Can you spot one on every second garter ridge?

As for Land & Sea, look at all that land!

Land & Sea

A Blanket and a Pillow: WIP Wednesday

I’ve never participated in WIP (work-in-progress) Wednesday before, but since I’ve enjoyed sharing my progress on the Land and Sea blanket, I figured doing so on a Wednesday wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. And also, I have another project to share. I’ve been crafty, people.

First, behold. I have completed the first (very small) contrast section on Land and Sea.

Land and Sea blanket in progress

I hadn’t mentioned it’s not a one-colourway blanket, had I? Well. I wanted to call it Sea to Sky, but my friend Alexa already has a blanket with that name, so I had to get not-at-all creative. Regardless, I see the colourway that looks like the main colourway at this point as the sea, and the contrasting bit as land. You’ll see.

Second, my kid needs throw pillows. Like, pillows to throw. And land on. And roll around with. I have a few pillow forms, and I’m slowly making covers for them out of scraps and odd fat quarters. This is the first.

10" Pillow for Owen

I dug around my Mighty Ugly stash and pulled out some scraps I’d rather use for this than that. And I felt very, very accomplished, for I did not use a pattern. I just cut and pieced and sewed, and look at that, a pillow cover!

As an added bonus, I learned how to make buttonholes on my sewing machine. Which, in case you’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing this feat, is amazeballs.

10" Pillow for Owen, back

(I screwed one of the buttonholes up. See? But I don’t actually care.) All I have left to do is cut those suckers open and sew the buttons on.

Here’s a closeup of one of the buttonholes. Magic.

Buttonhole closeup

So. What are you working on this Wednesday?