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Simplest Crochet Beanie Pattern

A simple crochet beanie pattern, perfect for winter cozy crochet! When the first chilly weather hits, here’s your go-to hat project for keeping warm straight away! It’s such a quick project, you’ll be able to outfit everyone you know in no time flat.

Hat for Science Crochet Pattern

Science! It’s the best. And it’s important. And it’s under threat. So when I started thinking about what to make to promote the importance of science — and funding for it, understanding of it, decision-making based on it — I immediately decided on a hat (duh), and that I’d feature a spiral.

Spirals appear throughout our natural world, and they’re super fun to make in crochet. Also, starting a project in the round using a spiral makes for a nifty way to make stripes (without loads of ends to weave in).

Whether you want to wear a conversation starter so you can engage with people about the importance of supporting scientific inquiry and understanding, or you’re participating in a March for Science, or you just want a cool hat, start with a spiral and off you go!

7 Ways to Make Your Crochet Shine Cheatsheet

Click the button below to confirm your subscription and get your 7 Ways to Make Your Crochet Shine cheatsheet! These seven simple tips will help you make your crochet projects look amazing, and turn out as beautiful and useful as can be.

Crochet Pussyhat Pattern

Click the link below to download your crochet pussyhat pattern. One of the simplest – and most intimidating – ways to stand up for what’s right is to show up when it matters.

Daily Making Log Worksheet

Get your Year of Making worksheet daily tracking log. Each day, jot down the date and what you made (this chart is undated in case you aren’t starting on January 1). 

Lip Balm Instructions

Get your tinted lip balm instructions PDF. Use these surprisingly easy tinted lip balm instructions to make your very own tinted lip balm.

12 Awesome Novels to Read Aloud with Kids

Get a PDF with 12 awesome novels to read aloud with kids.

I read with my son every night at bedtime, and I have some serious opinions about what makes for a great kids’ book. Compelling story? For sure. Great characters? Definitely. And there’s also a certain je ne c’est quoi that makes a book truly awesome to read out loud. A flow of words, a natural progression of dialog, and of course grand opportunities for voices!

Halloween stamp templates

Get a PDF with your Halloween stamp templates.

Happy, Happy, Happy stamp template

Get a PDF with your Happy, Happy, Happy stamp template.