Mighty Creative Podcast Episode 107: Dispatch from Quarantine

We’re nine days into self-quarantine because the last person we saw before going into self-isolation last Monday called a few days later to tell us he’d been exposed. In many ways, this isn’t any different an experience than what we’d been expecting, except we can’t go shopping for groceries and the like. Which, at this point, actually seems like a massive difference. My kingdom for a change of scenery beyond what we get walking the dog.

I’m keeping the podcast going outside of my initial plan to release an eight-episode first season. I don’t yet have a predictable schedule to work with for recording and editing, and my brain is half mush these days. So at the very least, what I’ll send into your ears is what we have today: some musings on quarantine and updates on how I and our community are working to keep creative folks connected and making stuff, and maybe a bit of birdsong I recorded in the woods by my house a few days ago. It’s a sound that brings peace to me, and maybe to you, too.

Find our weekly Zoom chat schedule and info on our video chat room over on our community site. It’s free to join, and it’s a super place to hang out with other creative folks.

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