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My friend Erin has been keeping me sane these last few days that have felt like centuries.

She’s a new friend. We’ve only known each other for a few months. But meeting her felt like we were always meant to be friends, and we started texting each other daily pretty much from the start. So in these days when I’m thinking about all the folks whose friendships I’ve taken for granted and whom I haven’t spoken with in ages, I’m also taking solace in the habit Erin and I made from the start of just checking in on each other every day.

When I had to miss posting a new episode of the pod last week, for reasons that aren’t even worth going into now, seven days and three hundred years later, I knew that my next episode had to break form.

I needed to ask my new friend, who’s a legit, bonafide psychiatrist, to come on the show and talk about how creativity is a tool that will serve us well in this overwhelming, mind-boggling time.

Dr. Erin Griffiths is a holistic psychiatrist whose practice is entirely online. Our conversation made me feel better. A whole lot better. I hope it’ll help you feel better, too.

We talked about brain chemistry and how making things makes us feel better. We talked about how we need to be creative in more than what we make right now, but also in how we decide to live and stay connected. We talked about what to do if we’re feeling so overwhelmed that we feel we can’t do or make much of anything.

Find a video of our unedited conversation over in the Podcast forum; look for Episode 106. And hit reply to let me know what you want from this podcast in the coming weeks. My listening habits are already changing, and I suspect yours are or will soon, too. Let me know where you want Mighty Creative to fit in, if there are topics you want me to cover, if you prefer heavy stuff or light stuff or what.

Finally, this podcast and our online community are made possible by Supporting Members. A major perk these folks have enjoyed for over a year is regularly scheduled video chats with me by Zoom. We all decided this week that these chats should be something all community members can take advantage of, so as of next week, all members of our forums can find times each week to hang out face-to-face online with other folks who love to make stuff. I hope you’ll join us.

Music: “I Dunno (Grapes of Wrath Mix)” by spinningmerkaba. 2017 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0).

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