{Ended} Enter to Win My New Zigzag Crochet Class!

I have never been excited about a new class like I’m excited about this one! Zigzag Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide to Ripples & Waves is all about my absolute favourite kind of project to crochet. (Uh, obviously, zigzags, ripples, waves, chevrons – whatever you call them.) Come learn how to bend stripes into cool shapes, from spiky chevrons to gentle waves. With texture or lace, and always with colour!

To celebrate the launch of the class, I’m giving away three seats in it!

I designed the class around a baby-blanket pattern made in machine-washable yarn (as every baby blanket should be), and I walk you through the project from beginning to end.

There’s loads more in class, too! Learn how to use a zigzag pattern to make a project of any size, from a scarf to a king-size blanket. Explore how yarn weight and gauge affect the size of your projects, play with loads of colour, and learn how to handle all the pesky ends you have to deal with when you work in stripes. Discover how to make a wide variety of patterns, including the feather and fan pattern I’m using to make this epic scarf, and learn how to introduce variations into patterns so you can alter the way they look.

Good luck! Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm (Pacific time) on March 14th and I’ll contact winners after that.

Happy crocheting!

{Ended} Enter to Win My New Zigzag Crochet Class!
{Ended} Enter to Win My New Zigzag Crochet Class!
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Charlotte Dixon

This class looks amazing!


My grandmother was the crocheter. I have been downsizing but I will not get rid of grandmas blankets! I have been weaving for the last five years but am taking up crocheting so I can make my weaving into clothing (crocheting pieces together and adding sleeves, etc). But I think I may be crocheting just to crochet. It is very fun and goes a little faster than weaving!

Connie Thomson

I would love to take this class!

Linda Stewart

My grandmother made me a blue and white zigzag blanket, which I wore to shreds. I’ve tried to make my own, but my zigs won’t zag.

Dawn Miller

I so enjoy your classes and blogs! I hadn’t crocheted in years and did your beginner class on Craftsy a year ago and now I just can’t stop! Looking forward to the zigzags!

Katie Wilson

Oh I’m excited! I have 3 of your other Craftsy classes and I really enjoy them.

Donna Macomber

I love zigzags, chevrons, ripples and waves. I have done 2 of them myself. I also love self striping yarn. I will definitely be signing up for your new class. I already have 3 of them! Good luck with your walking! I also used to run 3 miles a day in my 30’s and 40’s, but now that I’m older I walk, which is still enjoyable.


I have never made a zigzag blanket, but I have made a chevron shawl that I really love! I think that I would really enjoy your class.

Mandy Chorley

I have all your crochet classes and this one looks fantastic your a great teacher.


The 1st baby blanket I made was ripple stitch, and I have a full-sized afghan in ripple with drop-stitch across the foot of my bed. But now I want to learn more about rippling in uneven patterns (increasing/decreasing to make a triangle, etc.)

Susan Arnsten-Russell

I never tried zig zag crochet.


Could learn so much here!

Kathleen White

I did my first zigzag sample this weekend. I’m ready to start making things with chevrons!

Nicole Collier

I’ve always started projects with chevron stripes/waves and given up because they get off balance at some point. I bet this class could help me finally complete a project without pulling all my hair out!

Kenyata Miller

I love every class you teach on Craftsy. I didn’t fully understand how to crochet until I found your class.

Carmelle Tidd

I would love to get back into crocheting. I would love to crochet a baby blanket using the zig zag pattern. I have a grandson that needs a blanket, so learning the zig zag or wave pattern would be fun.


I really want to progress from granny squares!

Kristin M

I made a softer zigzag blanket for my son-in-law.

Kay Belzner

Your enthusiasm is contagious! I’m still a fairly new crocheter (thanks to your beginner class) and would be excited to learn this technique. Beautiful results!

Angela Ryals

You are my crochet hero, Kim!! 😍😍

Lori M

Ooooooh, ripple blankets! I don’t have any in my house, I do remember my grandmother having one, don’t know what happened to it

Linda Lee

Simply amazing! I’ve never had a zig zag blanket and I really want one now.😁❤️


Exactly what my next project was going to be!


Can’t wait to see it. Love your other Craftsy classes too!


Count me in. I’d love to win.


Sorry. I got an error so I didn’t think my comment went through. I can’t figure out how to delete one of them.

Maria Tolentino

I’m so excited about this class! I learnt how to crochet from your first Craftsy class and signed up for your newsletter from there. Been a fan ever since! Keep up the great work!!


Squeeeeeal! Would be awesome to win! My mom made a zigzag blanket when I was little and it was the most loved afghan in the house!


I don’t have a zigzagblanket. And i would like to make it myself of course. Love your basic crochet class on craftsy.


I love the relaxing simplicity of chevrons!

Allison T.

I have wanted to learn to make a zig zag blanket for years! I love all of the colors and stripes that can be used! Looking forward to the class!


I can do lace shawls but zig zags are a another story.


Lovely blanket! Definitely would love to win and learn how to make it :)

Cat Fink

Both my sister and I received zigzag blankets from our friend’s grandmother as wedding gifts 36 years ago. We still have them. She must have used very good quality yarn, considering all the use these blankets have seen. I want to learn this technique so that I can figure a way to make fingerless gloves.

Carol Brown

My first crochet project was a zigzag afghan in various greens; I still have it!! I’ve would love to participate in this class, made all the sweeter since the placements are being chosen on my birthday (hint, hint):D


Ooh, I’d love to do this! I keep meaning to learn to crochet and then… don’t. :)


I love the blanket! I would like very much to learn how to do ripples and waves! And the projects are stunning! Thanks for the giveaway! I´ve taken your course Crochet: Basics and Beyond and learned so much from it! Thank you!


I would love to take this class, looks like fun!

Dianne Hutton

I am a sixty four years young grandma just learning to crochet and I truely need this class. I love zigzag blankets, they look so happy and they make me smile. I have owned two in my lifetime, the first was given me by a sister in law when my first daughter was born. It was a darling sea green, white and red and it is happy to be living with her. The second was made by one of my aunts for my grandmother and given to me when she passed. It is a lovely teal and purple.


I am a helpless crocheter. This is just what I need to start doing this craft that I do want to learn.


I am a great knitter and an abysmal crocheter, I’m excited for this new class!

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