I was at Craftsy HQ in Denver last week, filming a new crochet class. It’s such an odd, kind of surreal feeling to discover I’ve become comfortable on a film set. And even weirder to realize that filming classes is one of my favourite kinds of work to do. In no other manner could I have the chance to teach over 40,000 students how to crochet. Seriously, that’s how many students I’ve taught through my Craftsy classes. What a privilege!

It’ll be a few weeks before this new class comes out. I posted some slideshow updates from the set when I was there, which I’ve included below. Can you guess what the new class is about?

4 responses to “Behind the Scenes of a Crochet Class at Craftsy”

  1. iHanna Avatar

    Super cool, and love the makeup you got too. Congrats! What a fun thing to part of. Ask them next time if they want me to fly over and make an art journaling class? ;-)

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      You should totally pitch an art-journaling class to them, Hanna! They definitely bring in overseas instructors to teach!

  2. Terri Avatar

    Love your classes – can’t wait to see the new one.

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