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It was more than a couple of years ago that a friend announced on Facebook that they were looking to sell their barely used 10″ Cricket Loom. As it was my birthday, I decided this was exactly the right thing to buy myself.

My kid helped me warp the loom with an odd ball of variegated yarn, and I chose a second odd ball of black tweed yarn for the weft.

Weaving goes fast! Way faster than knitting or crocheting.

But then something got in the way of me finishing the project. A mental block. Maybe I wished I’d chosen a yarn I had more of, so I could actually finish a scarf-length project (even with the uneven edges that come with any first weaving project)? Maybe I was concerned the finishing steps would be tedious or complicated?

I have no idea. What I do know is that this project stayed on the loom for years after I finished weaving it.

Until now. I finally got the thing off my loom! It took a sum total of about fifteen minutes and the aid of Liz Gipson’s fabulous book. That’s it!

So now that I’ve gotten over the anxieties of my very first project, I’m ready to take on a more deliberate one. Surely for a scarf again. But which yarns will I use?

Stay tuned.

My first rigid headle weaving! More at https://www.kimwerker.com/blog

2 responses to “What I’m Making: A Very Short Woven Scarf”

  1. Daisy Avatar

    Awesome! I want to do more weaving. I have an inkle loom, and I’ve done some tablet and inkle weaving with it, which is a lot of fun (though the band I’ve been working on off and on for months now is making me question my basic intelligence!) I’ve been eyeing Sarah Swett’s How To Weave a Bag on A Box zine as well — tapestry weaving looks fun and that looks like a pretty accessible way to try it out.

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Finishing a tapestry weaving I started in a class a year ago is high on my list!

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