Knitting a sock in worsted weight yarn.

I’ve written in my newsletter and Patreon about giving sock knitting a for-real try (I’ve knitted a sock or two over the years – but never a pair), and I gotta say, I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it.

Maybe it’s that in “giving it a for-real try” I’m thinking more about ending up with a finished pair of socks instead of just thinking about the mechanics of knitting a sock (which I think is what I did the last couple of times I gave sock-knitting a try). Socks are odd ducks, after all, with their heels to turn and toes to graft; it can be easy to focus on accomplishing those feats… and then not wanting to do them again for a second sock.

Of course, I say all this with only one sock nearing completion. And a small one at that (it’s for my kid). But this one does feel different. I’m eager to finish it in part because I’m so excited to cast on for its match.

I’m glad I chose to make these (see that use of the plural, there?) in a heavier weight of yarn, but I’m also looking forward to finishing these up and making myself a pair in fingering weight. I have loads of sock yarn in my stash. Time to use it… for socks!

If I do become a Sock Knitter, I anticipate I’ll be just like I am with other kinds of knitting: preferring simple, mindless patterns. Not so much with lace or cabled socks for me. Do you have a favourite simple sock pattern you recommend?

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I knit so many socks before I figured out what I liked, and then wrote a basic pattern that included those techniques. I recommend you do the same! Maybe you find a technique you hate, but you could find one you absolutely love too. Short row heels vs heel flaps. Toe-up vs cuff down. One stretchy cast-on vs another stretchy cast-on.

My favorites are toe-up with a regular toe and a gusset and heel flap. Now I just plug that stuff in for most socks (lace, cable, whatever) that I want to make. I’ve shared the pattern as the “Happy Birthday! Socks” on Ravelry and it uses sport weight yarn so they knit up fast. Have fun knitting socks!


I use Susan B Anderson’s sock pattern. It’s no fail and it’s easy to change the ribbing to alter the look of the socks.

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