This is an FYI kind of post, which I’m writing out of an urgent need to shake my fists at the whole world.


For the information of the whole world: I ignore all articles, essays, blog posts and missives if I even sniff the hint of any of the following words or phrases:

  • mindful, mindfulness
  • mompreneur
  • paleo
  • self-care
  • Mommy Wars
  • not your grandma’s x, y, z
  • cleanse (food-related)

I feel better now.

Thank you.

6 responses to “I Will Not Read If:”

  1. Louise Avatar

    I will not read if it starts with a number. “21 ways…” “14 pictures…” “10 times…”

  2. Marissa Avatar

    wow. I knew you were my kind of people :)

  3. Andrea Avatar

    Your are my spirit animal! I add ‘gluten free’ to that list and don’t mind stuff about mindfulness but pretty much word for word.

  4. Corrie Avatar

    This is everything. Thank you .!

  5. Sandy Avatar

    perfect! Me either

  6. Renee Avatar

    Good list, though I’m finding that these are more “cautionary words” for me and not forbidden. Individual words or phrases aren’t fueling my distress. Rather, it’s the full context in which they are used that makes them either trite or relevant. One exception might be “not your grandma’s x, y, z,” since I’m now old enough to be a grandma (if I’d had children to begin with). Still moving, grooving, and innovating, thank you very much. Fun post!

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