Free pattern for the simplest crochet hat!

My friend pulled a hat out of his coat pocket and said, “Kim! I hope you can help me. This is my favourite hat, and I want a few more of them. What’s it made out of? Where can I buy more?”

It was the simplest crocheted hat ever. Beanie length, double crochet with a single crochet brim in a contrasting colour. By my best guess it was made from soft acrylic yarn. I was like, “Friend, you can probably find more of these at any craft fair in town, and probably at the farmer’s market when the weather warms up. It’s the simplest hat ever! You know what, I’ll make you one.”

So I went home and dug around for some yarn. I’m pretty sure his original hat was made in DK or sportweight yarn, but I found some of my favourite worsted weight, and whipped this up in an evening of Netflix.

Then before I gave it to him, I was like, I should write this pattern up. It’s so simple!

And so I did.

Download the Free Simplest Crochet Beanie Pattern

To crochet the hat, you’ll need about 100 yards of worsted weight yarn, plus a small amount in a contrasting colour – about 10 or 12 yards. That and a 5mm (US H/8) hook, and you can whip one up in one sitting.

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12 responses to “Free Pattern: Simplest Crochet Hat!”

  1. cheryl Avatar

    Was looking for a pattern for a hat, thought i would check it out, was a little dissapointed that the pattern has to be mailed to you,,,wish it was like some others on here, you just click a link and it takes you to the pattern

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Because I make some of my living through crochet, I employ a variety of strategies with respect to free patterns and tutorials I release, to complement the classes and patterns I sell. In the case of this pattern, my goal is twofold: to introduce crocheters to my crochet work through emails I send them after they download the pattern, and to entice crocheters to purchase my class on crocheting in the round ( I get that some might find this to be inconvenient; when it comes to tackling the challenging task of drawing a salary in a creative field, you win some and lose some.

      1. Debbie Wood Avatar
        Debbie Wood

        Hi Kim, I have you Craftsy class crocheting in the round, but I am very beginner for doing it in the round. Does your beginning crochet class go into more detail about crocheting in the round and show really what stitches to use? I find that I have a hard time knowing what stitches to insert hook into on some patterns and other videos are not very good at showing this detail. I was thinking once I took your beginning course I could go back to the crocheting in the round one once I learn more about the crocheting in the round. Hope this makes sense. I find so far that you are the best instructor. :) I really wanted to be sure about before purchasing the beginning class if it has really good detail, it is so hard to find videos that show good detail or good instructors. Thank you, look forward to your reply.

        1. Kim Werker Avatar

          Hi Debbie! Yes, in Crochet: Basics & Beyond I thoroughly introduce how to crochet in the round as a beginner. (My class specifically about crocheting in the round is for crocheters who are already comfortable with the basic stitches and techniques of crochet.) I hope you enjoy the classes, and let me know in the class question section if you need any help!

    2. Dani Avatar

      I am so glad you posted this because I forgot I enrolled in this course over a year ago because I cannot work in the round, and now am going to start it this weekend! You are by far my favorite instructor!

  2. Heidi Avatar

    Jeez Kim….. Confirm and download! I have only been with you since the CrochetMe days… When was that 2005 with the cool octopus mascot???

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      I’m not sure what you mean, Heidi? I had a yarn ball logo at Crochet Me, but never an octopus (though I certainly wish for more arms).

  3. Katie Avatar

    This is probably a silly question, but in the pattern when it says “skip same stitch as turning chain”, what stitch am I skipping? So after I join with a slip stitch, where do I place the next stitch? This is only my second crochet project and I want to make sure I’m doing it right, when I count my stitches I’m off by one and I think maybe I’m not skipping a stitch that I’m meant to. Thanks!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Not a silly question at all! Because the turning chain (tch) counts as a stitch, you don’t make a dc into the first stitch (which, yes, is the same stitch you made your slip stitch into when joining the previous round). Does that make sense?

      1. Katie Avatar

        I think so! I’ve putting my slip stitch in the third chain of the turning chain, rather than the first double crotchet stitch… which I’m guessing was not right… right? My stitch count has been growing on each row 7-10 rather than staying the same, and the seam where the rows come together looks a bit off, is that why?

        1. Kim Werker Avatar

          Hm. It’s correct to make your slip stitch into the top (third) chain of the turning chain. If you then make your first dc into the next stitch, you should keep a constant stitch count… Can you snap a photo of the joins so I can see? You can email me –

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