Art journaling with collage! Daily Art Journal at

I don’t know why I waited so long to do collage in my art journal, since I’ve wanted to experiment more with collage for a very long time. (Probably that’s the reason right there, eh?)

Art journaling with collage! Daily Art Journal at

And then it was finally the weekend, and the kid and I spent an absolutely blissful hour making a total mess on the dining-room table. He made a collage for his teacher (I can’t believe he’s finishing kindergarten this week!), and I messed around painting over the collage, and making another one on the facing page, and painting over the paint wash, and generally just playing and playing and forgetting my own brain and happy happy happy.

Art journaling with collage! Daily Art Journal at

It was especially fun doing this alongside the kid, because he loves – loves – glitter glue. So there was glitter glue everywhere, and he kept wanting me to use it, so I totally did. I definitely love using materials and media that are just hanging around. This is probably why I’ve never been even remotely interested in scrapbooking, at least in the super-merchandised way. I’m not at all turned on by using packaged stuff to create new things on paper, but I’m absolutely blissed out using scraps I’d otherwise recycle, or grabbing tissue paper that’s been lying around for ages, or sticking my finger in the blob of glitter glue my kid accidentally squeezed all over the place.

I’ve mentioned before that my relationship with art-making has been complicated since I was a kid. Well. I think abstract art is the way to my heart, my friends. I really do. I can’t wait to finish up my work today so I can rip and glue and paint some more stuff.

Art journaling with collage! Daily Art Journal at

Art journaling with collage! Daily Art Journal at

For the first time, over three weeks into starting this daily art journaling challenge, I think I’m starting to really get it. And I think that once my month is up, I’m going to want to stick with it. Maybe in a book that doesn’t have a spiral binding, so I can make a proper spread. In fact, I may pull an old book from the shelf and repurpose it. Because why not.

If you, too, want to see what this art journaling thing is all about, you should join us!

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Fabulousness Kim! So excited for your excitement. I am exactly the same way with the grabbing what’s near me and can’t do prepackaged. Collaging from scratch. And you know, i too am unsure why I’ve never done an art journal. I art and journal separately. But you’ve got me thinking.
Great job!


Yes adventuresome indeed. Off-roading even. I will let you know.Thank you very much Kim , in you ever so honest and enthusiastic way, for sharing your process


I’m SO happy that you too are finding the joy of creating with total abandon in a book of your very own. It’s the best & most freeing feeling ever! I was were you are now, hmm… maybe 10 years ago. Bliss – and it only hets better!

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