I’ve had a love/hate thing going with Facebook for a very, very long time. I love it for making it so easy to stay in touch with far-flung friends and family; I hate it for making it so complicated to use for business.

But right now, for the first time ever, I’m loving it far more than hating it.

Did you know that Facebook has been rolling out the ability for people to do live video broadcasts, like Periscope? It’s called Facebook Live.

I’d sorta noticed other people doing it, but then I heard Kara, of Kara’s Couture Cakes, describe the details of it, and a giant window in my brain opened right up.

I’ve loved using Periscope to do live video. But I’ve been aware all along that Periscope has some inherent downsides: to watch a Periscope broadcast, you have to have the app on your phone; Periscope is still new, so not that many people have the app on their phone; you can comment during Periscope broadcasts, but twenty-four hours after the broadcast, both the video and comments disappear.


But on Facebook? Half the world is already on there. And though you can only broadcast using a mobile device, you can watch live videos on any platform including your desktop computer. And the piece de resistance: when a broadcast ends, the video is archived permanently on the broadcaster’s page, and people can continue to like and comment on it indefinitely. There can be actual ongoing conversation!

Which, to me, just all sounds like tremendous fun.

So last week I did my first Facebook Live broadcast. And it was fun. You can see it right here.

And when you hover over that video, click the link to subscribe! That means you’ll be alerted by Facebook whenever I broadcast live. Even if you can’t tune in right then and there, you’ll be able to click the notification to see the archived video whenever you want.

I’m going to share more projects I make on there, and do some tutorials, talk about daily creative habits, and generally wax on about why and how we can all have more fun making stuff. I hope you’ll join me!

(If you’re not on Facebook, or are cynical like I am and don’t want to watch the video over there, I’m posting it below. Go ahead and indulge your curiosity.)


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