Finished Calorimetry, pattern from (Selfies are hard, you guys!)
(Selfies are hard, you guys!)


My hair is longer than it’s been in years. A few weeks ago, after shoving my ponytail into my hat, I decided it’s finally time for a Calorimetry. I knitted it in a couple of days. Then the weather got warmer, or I realized who cares about a ponytail shoved into a hat, or whatever, and I never wove the ends in or sewed on the button. For shame. But then my kid informed me there was a possibility of snow in the forecast (oh, how I do so very much miss living in a place that has a proper winter every year), and also, we had our annual curling party (possibly like the eleventh annual Bonspiel, or something crazy like that [though, to be honest, since we all started having kids, it’s less of a tournament and more of a… chaos). So I sewed on a button and wove in the ends, and behold! Winter headwear! (That shawl I’m wearing all stealth-like is something for another day.)


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