Look what it does automatically sometimes, you guys. It picks a snapshot and dolls it up. I don’t even think it picks randomly – it chooses based on some kind of all-knowing Google AI that knows. It knows when I’ve taken a photo of a tree with pretty fall leaves. In over a month of having my phone pics automatically back up to Google Photos, it has never done this with, say, a photo of my knitting, or an accidental blurry snapshot of my shoes.

It knows.

Google Photos is magic, you guys.


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It *does* know! Last year I took a series of photos at a craft fair and when uploaded to Google photos, it had stitched them into a panoramic. And with others, it created a .gif. It’s called “Auto Awesome” and it is kind of cool. Your tree picture is fabulous, it probably didn’t need tweaking!

I think this is shareable – https://picasaweb.google.com/106165978356719282418/GoogleSAutoAwesomeFeature?authuser=0&feat=directlink.

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