As of last weekend, Owen has seen the whole original Star Wars trilogy. And he’s hooked.

So it was no surprise to me that he gave the following answer the other day when the topic of Halloween came up and I asked him if he knows yet what he wants to be: Chewbacca. Specifically, Chewbacca driving the Millennium Falcon. Good thing I asked him about this in August, because Greg and I will certainly need the time to engineer such a feat. With O’s help, of course.

The first thing I did, obviously, was take to Google to see what’s out there in kids’ Chewbacca costumes. I was not surprised to see loads of diminutive Yodas and Leias and Skywalkers, but I was surprised to see very few Chewies. Ewoks, yes. But very few Chewies.

Which was daunting, until it became exciting.

I did find some things worth noting, though. (Some are affiliate links because I’m toying with that) like:

Chewbacca Costume for Halloween: The Search


Chewbacca Costume for Halloween: The Search


R2D2 sweater by TheShabbyFactory on Etsy

and of course there’s wicked Star Wars crochet, like

Pattern for crocheted Yoda hat costume


crocheted R2D2 baby costume

and Greg found this, and I found this but decided not to buy it because we’re going to wing it instead, and this is just epic.

Greg will take on the cardboard engineering of the Millennium Falcon. Stay tuned!

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