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When Matthew Inman, genius behind The Oatmeal, announced that he’d teamed up with a couple of game designers and was crowdfunding their collaboration, a card game called Exploding Kittens, I threw my money at them.

My game arrived while my parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago, and though we were just getting into a habit of playing Trivial Pursuit every night, I suggested they’d certainly enjoy this ridiculous game one night instead.

Obviously, we played the NSFW version. (Looking back, I’m surprised I went right there with my parents.)

And Greg poured us all some scotch while we were reading the rules.

Which is how it came to pass that during the first round of the game, the Bikini Kitten card led to some joke or another, which led my mom to pretty much inhale some scotch, such was the surprise and force of her laughter.

She’s hardy, though, so when she was done almost choking to death, she insisted we keep playing.

Which we did. More than once.

I’m very, very glad I backed the Kickstarter. This game is fun, man.

One response to “Exploding Kittens: So Much Fun It Almost Killed My Mother”

  1. Shalagh Hogan Avatar
    Shalagh Hogan

    Yay for you, your Mom, for fun, and supporting a kickstarter campaign.

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