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A few weeks ago, I started including a fun make-related prompt in my Friday newsletter. The first couple of prompts were kind of non-specific, but I think I’ve decided that I’d have more fun, and hopefully encourage others to have more fun, if I got specific. So in Friday’s prompt, I implored people to grab a toilet-paper tube from their recycling bin and make something with it.

Ordinarily, this is the sort of thing you’d see on a kids’-craft blog, or something, but in keeping with my desire to be a crafty camp-counsellor for grown-ups, I explicitly directed readers not to foist this one off on the kids. Oh no. Just like I find with Mighty Ugly, making stuff with discarded materials is a great way to set yourself up not to care if you make something awful.

Following my own advice, I reminded myself not to flatten a toilet-paper tube on its way to the recycling bin on Saturday, and instead put it on the table with some paints and brushes. I’ve been wanting to paint, you see, so I figured this was a great excuse to actually do it.

toilet-paper-tube craft with paint

And do it I did. Without a plan. And without a great result. But I sure did have fun.

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