Creative Therapy adult colouring book. It's one of the best I've seen!


I bought this adult colouring book before the New Yorker came out with their article about this thing that’s been going on for ages but now that the New Yorker covered it it seems totally new. I’m starting to feel concerned that journalists will treat colouring like they treat knitting, but instead the lazy, clichéd, offensive not your grandma’s it’ll be the lazy, unimaginative, not-as-interesting-as-the-real-story not your kid’s.

There’s no difference between us and kids when it comes to making stuff. Or at least there shouldn’t be. Experience making stuff shouldn’t take away from exploration, play, indulgence and fun.

Colour on, friends. Colour on!

PS My kid wants to colour with me when I colour in this book. Adult schmadult.

PPS #makefun is the tag I’ve decided on for posts and photos about the work (fun work) I’m doing about having fun making stuff. Follow along, and use it when you post about stuff you’re having fun making!

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