I’ve tried to write this post for days and days, and bandwidth just didn’t cooperate. Here’s hoping I can get some photos uploaded!

We’re at the start of the final leg of our trip: a day in Salt Lake City on our way to yhe Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, then the westward journey home through Montana, Idaho and Washington.

Since leaving Southern California, we’ve been continually wowed by natural settings, friendly people, fascinating history, and the general things you learn from spending a month on the road.

For now, some photos of where we’ve been:

Joshua Tree National Park:

I’ve been doing a little bit of knitting on the road. Not very much at all, what with the amazing scenery out the car window (and, these days, the heat). It’s a Foolproof Cowl, and I’m enjoying it!

O learned how to ride his two-wheel bike on the long, smooth, wide “runways” of the RV park we stayed at in Williams, AZ. (We vastly prefer the State Park camping experience, but massive RV parks have their place.) 
Yes, we stood on the corner in:

Oh my, the Painted Desert: 

New Mexico, I love you and your amazing skies: 

Monument Valley was a highlight, for sure:

And, of course, Utah, and all its glorious rock splendour.

Arches are cool, but it’s Canyonlands National Park that really gripped us:

Of course, we’re travelling with a strong-willed four-year-old, and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Like making myself hot chocolate with my toothbrush.

We’ll get back home in less than two weeks!