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Teaching at Craftsy has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my crochet career, and I’m so excited that my second class is now live!

It’s called Next Steps in Crochet, and it builds directly on my first Craftsy class, which is a straight-up introduction to crochet for beginners. So this is pretty much an advanced-beginner class. In it, I’ll teach you how to build on your basic crochet skills to make classic fabrics like shells and ripples (AKA chevrons or zigzags), textured fabrics like bobbles and popcorns, and I introduce the basic concepts behind cables and lace, including how to make post stitches and why math is important (and not scary). I also spend a fair bit of time outlining how sweaters are constructed, so you’ll feel comfortable and confident choosing your first sweater pattern to follow, and making it amazing. Along those lines, I also cover basic seaming and edging, how to make buttonholes, and how to block your projects.

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If you know how to make a few crochet stitches and are ready to tackle more, this is the class for you. And since we cover so much, it can serve as a great source of information you can refer to again and again as you do different kinds of projects.

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Included with the class is a pattern for a very simple baby sweater in one size, which is used mostly for instruction but would also make a totally adorable sweater for a baby about three months old.

If you aren’t familiar with Craftsy, it’s a fabulous platform for learning new skills. Students can ask questions at any time, and instructors (and other students) answer. I love chatting with my students, and I love that with all Craftsy classes, you get access to your instructor on an ongoing basis. You can easily share photos to show what you’re having trouble with, and to show off your successes. You can slow down or speed up the video to your taste, and set a 30-second segment to repeat over and over again while you practice a particular technique.


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