If you get my weekly digest, you know we’ve made it to San Francisco, the first major stop on what we’ve been calling our Superlong Camping Trip (where a “major stop” is defined as somewhere we sleep for three nights). Contrary to every travel experience I’ve ever had, this trip has been both exciting and relaxing, tiring and invigorating all at once, with almost no bickering. It’s kind of been magical so far, really.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to since we left home last Sunday:

Here’s the one photo i have of the quilt i made for the camper trailer. It’s my first completed machine-quilted quilt!


vintage caravan camping setup
Our first night camping, just south of Portland in Champoeg State Park. if you have a chance to camp here, take it!
Make It Mighty Ugly at Powell's Books
Owen found a copy of my book at Powell’s. <3
Spruce Goose
Driving to the coast from Portland, we stumbled upon the (absolutely amazing, must-see) Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. This is the ACTUAL Spruce Goose!
Atop the Oregon Sand Dunes
When inposted this photo on Instagram, more than one person made a comment involving Tatooine. Totally appropriate!
The Redwoods are humbling and awesome.

Werkers on the Road: Dispatch the First

Cabe car
And here we are in San Francisco, riding a cable car. After visiting family till Sunday, we’ll start making our way further down the coast!
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