Forgive my tardiness in recapping the fourth week of my 2015 year of making. Last week's newsletter was about the treading of water I do when I'm waiting to hear about a major project (and keeping the time that project would take free from other commitments), and I'm very pleased to report that last week was my last of treading water, because this morning I got the news that the project is on. Yippee!

And that means that suddenly, my brain is clear, my thoughts are free-flowing, and I'm finally able to push through my ever-growing to-do list. Starting with showing you the fruits of my fourth week of making this year. This was the week I became totally obsessed with The 100 (watch it if you aren't already) (seriously), and doodled obsessively, too.

Did you start a year of making on January 1st? Any themes come out of your first month? (And hey, there's no time like the present to start. A year is 365 days even when you don't start counting in January!)