Kate Atherleybook cover image has a knack for explaining things clearly. For the last decade, she’s applied that knack to knitting, working as a designer, teacher and technical editor. And now, she’s written a book that takes all of her experience and boils it down for all designers to benefit from.

I edited Pattern Writing for Knit Designers, and I loved working with Kate. But more than that, I’m just so excited that this book is out in the world. It’s for everyone from utter pattern-writing beginners to seasoned pros. Kate breaks down the sections of a knitting pattern (they’re the same for crochet, obviously), she addresses common issues related to naming stitches and sizing designs, and she highlights advice from other professionals and from avid knitters.

This book is thorough. And comprehensive. I think it could very well make the entire world of knitting better.

Check it out.

[box]Speaking of editing, I’m currently booking contracts into early 2015. If you have a book, ebook, or craft pattern project you’d like to discuss, shoot me an email![/box]

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