I’ve been working on several editing projects this year, and I’m pleased to let you know about one that’s made its way into the world.

The third volume of Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman’s Stories in Stitches is a gorgeous book that involves, as you’ve surely guessed, stories to go along with the knitting patterns in the book. The theme of this volume is World Wars I and II, and I had the pleasure of editing a few of the stories. The book is absolutely stunning, filled with historical images. Here are some photos I took of the copy Donna sent me:

Stories in Stitches

Stories in Stitches

Stories in Stitches

Stories in Stitches

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Donna Druchunas

Thanks! It was great working with you on this. I love the stories in this volume. Especially the Dancing Stitches and Flying Fish story. I really loved writing that.

Betsy Greer

So excited to see this book! It sounds awesome! Well done both of you!


Ohhhhhh my God I wish my grandmother was still alive for this. I’m not a knitter, but she was a lifelong knitter and a beautiful one. She was IN LONDON during “The War” and had a ton of stories. So did my grandfather, who also stayed on home ground to keep the radio lines up. (someone had to).

I do have one of her (now vintage) Knitting and Dressmaking books and my oh my that is a treasure trove. So many things back then that women just.. whipped up on the needles because you couldn’t go to the store and buy it, that’s for sure.

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