Tracking Down a Person Who Changed EverythingBetsy Greer‘s new book, Craftivism, is now out, and I couldn’t be prouder to have written an essay for it. I wrote about Mighty Ugly, naturally, and about being strong even when we don’t feel strong, and making and speaking out even when we’re afraid to or don’t think we’ll make a difference. I focused the piece on an experience I had at summer camp when I was ten. My camp counsellor changed my life, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t know it at the time.

I sent my mom a copy of the essay last night, and she’s taken it upon herself to find this woman after twenty-eight years. So it’s possible that I’ll soon be in touch with her (my mom is very effective when she puts her mind to something), and I’m sort of amazed about that. Also, I’m embarrassed, because when I wrote the essay, I spelled my counsellor’s name wrong. Sigh.

Anyway, I haven’t held a copy of Craftivism in my hands yet, but I’m very, very excited to read all the rest of the essays in it. Betsy’s passion for studying and celebrating the intersection of crafts and activism is inspiring and admirable, and I have no doubt my mind will expand to the point of possible explosion when I read this book.

Have you seen it out in the wild yet?

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Shalagh Hogan

Congratulations Kim, and Betsy of course. And the counselor search is very funny and very intriguing. Will be on the look out for the book and rogue camp counselors.

Nancy Cavillones

I can’t wait to read about what happens when your mom tracks down the counselor (assuming you will share the story, of course!!). I will keep my eyes peeled for this book. Mazel tov!

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