I’m going to be travelling for more than half of April. No joke! I’ve put the auto-responder on my email that pretty much says, “Uh, text me if it’s an emergency, otherwise there’s a chance you won’t hear back from me till May.” I’ll be relying an awful lot on benevolent wifi gods, Whatsapp, frugal use of an exorbitant roaming plan, and people’s good-natured understanding. I’m sure I’ll obsessively document my adventures on Instagram, which is my favourite thing of late.

First up will be Craftcation Conference on Thursday, then I’ll be home for four days, then there’s a family wedding back east and Passover shenanigans, then home for a week, then another trip to do something last-minute but exciting that I’ll talk your ear off about in around three months and that will require a constant state of planning-for amidst the rest of the chaos and it will also involve crochet, which I’m very excited about let me tell you.

There’s a pile of clothes in the corner of my bedroom waiting to be packed. There’s a pile of Mighty Ugly supplies for my Craftcation workshop. There are pages of notes in my bullet journal for travel details, workshop notes, and lists. There’s hourly neurotic checking that my passport is where it should be. I’m catching up on laundry. I’m that jerk who tells friends I can make plans in May.

Ok, so. This past weekend I had the house to myself for nearly two days. I channeled my scattered thoughts into sewing obsessively, as you do. I’ll update you on crafty things over the next week or two via the handy scheduling feature of WordPress, so you can have the illusion that I’m a blogger with her shit together while I’m zinging around like a headless squirrel. (Well that’s a gruesome image for you.)

I started with a simple project on Saturday morning: an eye mask. Seems a sensible thing to have when traveling lots, right? And since I’ll be bunking with Haley, AKA The Zen of Making, at Craftcation, I realized I’d better make her a matching one. And since I was making matching eye masks, I figured they’d better have sheep on them. Because sheep. And because I had the perfect amount of scrap sheep fabric for two masks. I used this insanely simple tutorial from Dog Under My Desk, who is my new favourite person (as you’ll see in my next post about what I made on the weekend).

Instead of fleece for the soft side of the masks, I used some scrap microfibery towel I’ve been poaching for various projects over the years. That hint of orange elastic is my favourite impulse craft purchase of late – it’s intended to be used for diaper covers, or something. It’s really soft to the touch, and not too sproingy.

The project was so quick and simple that I had both masks done in no time. This may be a new go-to gift pattern for the jet-setters in my life.

Alright, kids. If you’ll be at Craftcation, I can’t wait to see you! And if not, well, I hope you’re also psyched for grand adventures brewing!

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