Spanish journalist and film-maker Xurxo Martínez emailed me a link to his new short documentary about yarn bombing, and I finally just made time to watch it. It’s one of the best crafts-related documentaries I’ve seen, despite the rough subtitles. He manages to touch upon everything from art to craft, fun to activism, tradition to subversion, and none of it seems rushed or glossed over. The artists he interviewed spoke beautifully about their art, the movement, their cities, and the people they encounter. I just loved it. Give it a watch and let me know what you think:

3 responses to “Knitting the City: New Spanish Yarn Bombing Documentary”

  1. Xurxo Martinez Avatar
    Xurxo Martinez

    Thanks a lot for the post. Here you are a small complementary video covering (from original idea to installation day) a Yarn Bombing action by Teje la Araña.

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