New Knitting Book: Cascadia!

Cascadia book coverAbout a year ago, my friends Amanda and Fiona, the duo behind Vancouver knitting-events company Knit Social, asked to pick my brain because they had an idea for a book. They wanted to work with some of the amazing designers they’d gotten to know through their events to create a celebration of knitwear inspired by the wonders of British Columbia.

Today that book, Cascadia, is out, and I’m so very excited for them and for all the designers and yarn dyers, photographer and graphic designer who made it truly wonderful. I was pleased as punch to copy-edit the book, and to write the foreword for it.

This weekend, with a rainfall warning here in Vancouver, I think I’ll put aside the cowl and shawl I’ve been slowly knitting since early summer and cast on a Tidal Flats toque.

Tidal Flats, by Melissa Thomson
Tidal Flats, by Melissa Thomson
Beacon Hill, by Jane Richmond
Beacon Hill, by Jane Richmond
Sea Glass, by Amanda Kaffka
Sea Glass, by Amanda Kaffka
Raven's Nest, by Judy Marples
Raven’s Nest, by Judy Marples
Britannia sweater, by Tin Can Knits
Britannia sweater, by Tin Can Knits

What are you making these days, as the cool of autumn settles in? Last night I canned eight pints of applesauce.

PS Speaking of Knit Social, the second annual Knit City yarn festival is coming up next month here in Vancouver, and I’ll be teaching a class inspired by my conversations at last year’s event: Crochet for Knitters. Taking the class won’t make you not a knitter anymore, I promise. But it will give you a good feel for how crochet works, and I’ve designed the class specifically for knitters, to build on what you already know. I hope to see you there!

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