So, how you been?

I’ve been okay. Pretty great, to be honest. I’ve got a few extra weeks to work on my book, because publishing works in vast and unpredictable ways and several factors converged to lead my publisher to push publication of Mighty Ugly back a few months. Which is, frankly, amazeballs. I need the time, and the breathing room. And because of it, I think the book will be far better. And also, because of this decision I was able to spend way more time with visiting family these last few days, which I’ve enjoyed.

Also, this happened:

Last Friday I was walking Cleo on one of our usual routes, and we approached an older woman I frequently greet in exactly that spot. She petted Cleo under the chin, and stopped in front of me. She smiled and asked, in a German accent I hadn’t noticed when we only nodded and smiled, “Are you lucky today?”

Her face was so warm and friendly, I was a little dazzled. “Am I?” I asked. I wasn’t really sure how to respond to her question.

dog and 4-leaf clover

She opened her hand and gave me a four-leaf clover. I was so struck by this that I didn’t even manage to tell her I’d never seen one. I look for them, but had never found one. I thanked her. She told me she has so many, and that I should press it into the pages of a book. And off she went.

So I decided this was an excellent reason to do something I’ve been thinking about more and more over the last few weeks. I bought a cheap sketchbook and started up a new journal. It’s been a few years, and I’m enjoying it already. I think this one will stick.


So tell me, journaling friends, how long have you been at it? What kind of pen do you prefer? Lined or unlined paper? Let’s geek out a little about this. Come on, it’ll be fun.

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