Today I’m 37. I woke up to a hug from my kid, a lovely card from Greg (avec foot-massage gift certificate because he is ace), and a promise to myself that despite the tightness in my chest called BOOK DEADLINE, I will not work today. Not even when Owen’s napping.

So what are you doing today, loves?

Doughnuts for my birthday because cake is GROSS

4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. karlia Avatar

    Happy happy birthday! It sounds like yours is off to a great start! Last month I had a wonderful birthday when my daughter flew here to Michigan from Vermont to wish me happy birthday. Today I am preparing to move for a new job 100 miles away, exciting because I have been unemployed/underemployed for 4 years. I wish you many many more, Kim!

  2. Vanessa Avatar

    Today I will be very jealous of your birthday doughnut. ;) And mapping out my article for you. :D

  3. iHanna Avatar

    Happy birthday to yoooou! Ive painted, read, thrifted & now I am reading some favorite bloggers…

  4. Kristinnicholas Avatar

    Happy bday Kim! 37. What a babe. Totally know about book deadlines. Good luck. Lots of work and no one can really understand. xO

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