Lost Thomas Hawk via Compfight

Immeasurable contributions are lost because many of us think that… formal training/work experience is the only kind of legitimate authority. We usually don’t hold that belief when it applies to other people – we are thrilled to read that nonfiction book based on someone’s personal journey or to listen to the interesting TED talk by a cross trainer. But for ourselves? We think we don’t know enough. – Understanding How to Frame Your Creative Expertise – 99U

This post about the four types of experts really resonated with me as I’m in the throes of writing this book. For this project I’m a mix between The Survivor and The Cross-Trainer. Mighty Ugly comes from my own experiences and has played a vital role in my creative growth. As well, it’s informed by my many other, seemingly unrelated experiences, and I apply it in all sorts of contexts that might seem surprising. I’m grateful for this reminder that both approaches are a form of expertise. Though perhaps I’ll start declaring that I have a degree in ugly with a supporting certificate in trying again.

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