Pardon me if I tell some kid crafts tales here on the blog over the next while. With the weather finally warming up and O being more and more able and interested, we’re making lots more messes and I can’t help but take a load of crappy phone photos and want to share.

Kid loves glitter. Lurves it. And though he enthusiastically takes to the parmesan-shaker of it at preschool, we’ll have none of that crazy mess in the house. So when he discovered an ill-hidden container of glitter recently, I had to think quick lest I feel inclined lie and say it wasn’t for him.

So I grabbed a take-out lid from the recycling bin and used it as a palette for white glue. He chose the glitter colours and I dumped them on top of the glue. I grabbed a cotton swab, and that was that. A half-hour or so of glitter fun, and, thankfully, we’ve held off the full-onslaught of glitter into every crack and surface of our home. At least for another little while.



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