“Good” can be a stifling word, a word that makes you hesitate and stare at a blank page and second-guess yourself and throw stuff in the trash. What’s important is to get your hands moving and let the images come. Whether it’s good or bad is beside the point. Make art. – Austin Kleon.

Make Bad Art - Great Advice from Austin KleonI love Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” commencement speech from last year. Love it. I just got a copy of the book he and graphic artist Chip Kidd made from it. But I also wholeheartedly agree with Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist, who wrote what I quoted above on his Tumblr.

Have you read Steal Like an Artist? You should. It’s filled with wisdom and good ideas.

And might I add the suggestion to make ugly art or crafts when the going gets tough? Let’s consider it suggested.

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So Disqus ate my comment. What I wanted to say was that I did read “Steal Like an Artist” and while some parts were really helpful/affirming (I keep a log book too!) others I felt like he could have gone into a bit more. I guess I was upset that it took me all of 10 minutes to read the whole thing. I’m glad I borrowed it from the library instead of paying for it. ;)

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