I HAVE SEWN CLOTHES! Ok, super simple newborn pants. But they are clothes a human can wear!

The tiniest of baby pants, that’s what I’ve sewn. My first sewn clothes, for our dear friends’ newborn.


  1. This pattern is aces. I will make more of these ever-so-quick baby gifts.
  2. Like Rae says, the tush of these pants is excellent for accommodating bulky cloth diapers – not so much for tiny disposables. I may get adventurous and alter the pattern a little moving forward, unless I know for sure the recipient will don huge diapers.
    1. (An aside: We used cloth diapers with Owen till he was about fifteen months old and his skinny ass didn’t quite fit the shape anymore and we had accidents galore. Finding pants that would accommodate the bulk was almost painful. I wish I’d known then what I know now about making him pants myself!)
  3. I made these in about an hour. I’m now confident enough in my sewing skills that I have no trouble believing I’ll pretty soon have this project down to half an hour. (Dear all of my friends who may ever have a newborn around: I hope you plan to dress them in pants.)
  4. I need pinking shears, and I’m taking advice and recommendations. Please expound in the comments!
  5. For quite a while now, I’ve been thinking a lot about sewing clothes for myself. Baby steps! (See what I did there?) Specifically, I want a wardrobe full of A-line tunics I made myself. Perfect for layering over jeans or leggings! So I’m also taking advice and recommendations for very straightforward tunic patterns, good for a solid advanced beginner who has no idea what she’s doing. Please again expound in the comments!
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Gingher pinking shears forever. No, really. They last a lifetime…

Also: I am not kidding when I say take a dress or a top that fits you and trace it. I’ve been doing it for years. Call me, I’ll walk you through the general stuff. It’s way less intimidating than a pattern when you’re getting started, if you ask me.

Tara Swiger

Oh, how sweet!
I’m also wanting to sew clothes and need pattern recommendations, so I’ll be stalking your comments. :)

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