Almost the entire Living section of The Province (three of a surprising four pages) is dedicated to next weekend's Vancouver Mini Maker Faire! Lots on Wendy Tremayne, who'll be promoting her book at the event, and eatART, and I'm in there talking Mighty

The third annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is coming up next weekend! I’ve been involved with the event since about a year before we held the first one, and I’m just so excited by how much it’s grown.

My involvement mostly consists of being a cheerleader, and I’m a founding board member of the organization that puts the event on. At the first two Faires I ran a Mighty Ugly booth, where I led hundreds of people of all ages through making an ugly creature. This year I’m taking a booth hiatus, but I’m very excited to be speaking as part of the speaker series.

Over the years, we’ve tried hard – as a rag-tag band of volunteers – to drum up media attention for the event, and though we’ve had some great write-ups, we didn’t manage to get broad coverage before an event until this year. Major kudos to the PR committee! Hopefully this press will introduce Maker Faire to loads of locals who hadn’t known about it, and hopefully many of those people will attend next weekend.

Yesterday, some brilliant folks held an event called Breaker Faire, which involved pancakes, art, and beating the crap out of a decommissioned car. That got some coverage both before and after the event! Then today, nearly the entire (four-page) Living section of The Province was about VMMF, including the photo of yours truly and some quotes from me, Emily Smith, Wendy Tremayne and Jonathan Tippett.

Will you be there next weekend? Come to my talk at 11am next Sunday!

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