The Tools of Change for Publishing Startup Showcase final competition was yesterday afternoon. My business partners spent a fevered ninety minutes talking to a non-stop stream of curious people who wanted to know what The Holocene is all about. At the end of the session, the judges picked two winners and the audience picked one, and we weren’t among them.

And we’re totally cool with that. Holy smokes, how much we benefitted from this experience. How much work we got done. How much fun we had. How much we learned.

I wrote more about it on our new company blog, if you’re interested. (And hey, follow the blog on Tumblr, eh? And maybe make use of the newsletter sign-up in the sidebar!)

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support over the last few months! The competition is over, but our work has quite seriously just begun. We’re going to make this digital magazine, friends. Oh, yes we are.

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