So, fine, it’s 2013 already. I had to debug a little WordPress to get images to work on the blog, and that took up almost all the time I had to blog over the last while.

My excuses thus delivered, here’s a summing up of my last year in making, viewable as a slideshow if you’re so inclined (just click a thumbnail and proceed in the obvious way).

Oh, but first, a look ahead. You’ll notice there’s some food in here. I’m cooking and baking more than I used to (which was pretty much never, so I don’t mean to imply I do it all the time), and this coming year will involve a lot more of both. In part, that’s because Owen can help now, so we can make things together. That makes dinner cooking a lot less painful, and it kicks me in the ass to be more thoughtful about meal planning. Also, we got a slow cooker, which means I’ll be able to easily prepare delicious meals all day without having to take time out of my workday. And finally, we’re getting a stand mixer. As many of you have already told me, oh my god, love for the stand mixer.

In 2013, I want to knit or crochet for several beloved babies and children, and make myself a sweater and Greg a sweater vest. Already this is seeming too committed to me, so we’ll see how it all pans out.

And my most daunting making-related goal for the year is to learn to sew myself a shirt. Specifically, an A-line tunic I can wear with the skinny jeans I’m oh so in love with. (And let’s be clear: My goal is to make half a dozen of them in different colours and patterns so I can have a go-to thing to wear. Uniforms, I loves them.)

Ok, right. Behold, 2012:

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