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Back at Hello Etsy in Portland over a year ago, I was pretty stoked to see that all the workshops were being recorded. Editing those videos and correcting for challenging sound conditions led to most of the videos not being released, but I was asked a question last week that led me to poke one of the conference organizers to see if there was a video of my session kicking around. And there was (thanks, Isaac)!

So if you have a spare 45 minutes and want to feel like I’m sitting right next to you, talking a lot in your ear, take a look. In fact, there’s not much to actually see, so you could just play it as if it were a podcast.

The session was called Embracing the Ugly Side of Business, and during it I explained where Mighty Ugly comes from, and I was quite frank in talking about some of the challenges I’ve experienced as a solo creative businessperson. There’s a great discussion, too. And the only reason I’m posting this video despite the casual agreement we all came to that nothing would leave the room is that nobody’s faces are shown, pretty much. And because the sound wasn’t great, some of the things participants shared aren’t even intelligible. But I think it might be cool to hear what people do say, if you’re working through any number of issues with your business. (Hint: You’re not alone.)

This is pretty much my favourite workshop, ever. I loved being a part of the Hello Etsy conference bonanza that year, and I loved everyone in that room for being so open about things we usually feel very, very terrible about.

Watch the video here.

8 responses to “Embracing the Ugly Side of Business: Video”

  1. shana lee hampton Avatar

    SO EXCITING! now everyone i’ve babbled too about not being your duck can see what the hell i’m talking about!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Ok, see. I meant to email you about this. I totally don’t talk about a duck! It really must have been someone else!

      1. shana lee hampton Avatar

        funny. i was watching this now and was going to come back to comment. i must be insane! well, it was wise. and i’m still going to imagine it was you. because that’s how i remember it. so there.

        also, its still awesome. i remembered the rest of it almost exactly right. :)

        1. Kim Werker Avatar

          :) I was so impressed by the whole duck thing. Now I’m even MORE curious about who said it!

          1. shana lee hampton Avatar

            WAIT THOUGH. its not your entire session, is it? it cut off for me.

          2. Kim Werker Avatar

            Hm. It should be the whole thing. It should end with me thanking everyone… I wonder if there’s a glitch related to it being such a huge file?

          3. shana lee hampton Avatar

            i don’t know. it stopped while you were telling people what to write down. i’m going to imagine that you spend the rest of the time talking about how we’re not our ducks. :)

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