I’m once again revamping my Hire Me page. Actually, I’m splitting it into three sections – one each for writing, editing and speaking/workshops.

Because I’ll be far more specific about the types of projects I want to work on, I’ve been asking past clients and collaborators if they’d write a testimonial about my work. (If you’ve worked with me or heard me speak or taken one of my workshops and you feel like raving about your experience, please drop me a line!)

I posed the question on Facebook, and my friend Chris replied almost immediately with the following gem. We haven’t actually worked together, so the only place I’ll quote him is here on the blog, but I kinda want to use it everywhere. I mean, it’s pretty amazing. I can only hope actual clients feel this enthusiastic about working with me. (Note that I’m not actually violent. No need to fear anyone’s wrath. In case that needed to be said. Ahem.)

Kim Werker is actually a Voltron-like beast made of cashmere wool, an iPad, funky fabric remnants, a fountain pen, virgin cotton batting, Joss Whedon and an imperial tonne of sass. Even Chuck Norris is afraid of her in battle configuration. Fail to hire her and risk the wrath.

Perhaps My New Professional Bio
Voltron, by el_finco on Flickr (CC by-nc-sa licensed)

PS There are only a few hours left to back Taco Hat TV!

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I’m ALSO made of Joss Whedon! What a coincidence!


Love it!

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