You know Mochimochi Land, yes? Anna Hrachovec makes the most relentlessly cute, extremely wee knitted creatures. She writes books about them, too. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at Maker Faire New York a few weeks ago, and we ended up trading interviews. (You’ll see quotes from her in a magazine article I wrote when it comes out in a few months.)

She asked me pretty much the best set of interview questions I’ve ever been asked, about creativity, creative business, Mighty Ugly, Taco Hat TV, crochet… I wish I hadn’t been so wiped from the continuing Werker-family-sleep-saga to give better answers. Behold!

PS Tomorrow is the last day of the Taco Hat TV campaign on Indiegogo! If you’d like to see this skills-focused web show get made, please support it now! We have some great perks to send you in thanks. Plus, thank you!

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