That title speaks for itself and my pajamas are beckoning, so I’ll say just one thing before I go collapse.

That header up there? That was cut from paper by artist Rachael Ashe. She’s amazing, hey? Know what’s cool about commissioning an artist to make your website header from paper? I have the actual piece beside my desk, waiting to be framed.

Oh, before I forget by passing out right here on my keyboard: Please let me know if anything’s broken!

7 responses to “Spanking New Website!”

  1. iHanna Avatar

    Oh wow, awesome Kim! Love the header, super pretty! I didn’t know you had made that many books! :-)

    The book “get hooked again” in footer does not show up, and when you click “blog” or “events” you go back to the old blog look now empty!? Or maybe it’s my browser. Other than that it all looks great! Congrats!

    1. Kim Werker Avatar

      Thanks, Hanna!

      Do Blog and Events still look wrong after you empty your browser’s cache?
      The image problem looks to be a Goodreads issue. I’ll look into it.

      1. iHanna Avatar

        Events look okay on another computer, checking from work (shyy!) but the is still “wrong”, how does it look to you? You don’t have the blog folder in your new URL and your home is the domain, so that’s probably why. It doesn’t excist any more, though the that I’ve never visited before has the old look too. Just so you know. :-)

        1. Kim Werker Avatar

          This is so weird, Hanna! Thanks for helping me out. I’m seeing two different behaviours for only *some* pages in different browsers, too. I’m on the hunt for answers!

  2. Karli Anderson Avatar

    I love the header!! I am always glad to hear what you are up to, so glad to see your new website.

  3. Kim Avatar

    So cool! I want one! (hey, the name is already half right…)

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